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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

French Country Colours Offer Ends Today!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I just wanted say a huge 'Thank you' to all of you for shopping for my new 'French Country' Colours this weekend. And for all your lovely, lovely emails & comments about them too : ) I'm really pleased you like them!

If you haven't yet seen them, these are the new colours …

… & there is a free printable French Country Colours Colour Chart which you can download as a
.pdf file (252 kb) or
.tif file (740 kb) as a .zip file

You can find the 'French Country' Special Introductory Pack *here* in the Boutique.

And the offer will end at midnight tonight.

Love Liz xx

  • Card Bases: 1-5mm Square
  • Papers & Colours: 'Custard', 'Lambswool', 'Nutmeg', 'Straw' & 'Parchment'. From the 'French Country' Colour Couture Collection.
  • Sentiments: 'Wedding' Sentiment Ribbons'

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Introducing The New French Country Colours Collection

Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Colour Collection.

It's a very simple design concept isn't it? We simply select a design we love, and get it in an entire colour palette of gorgeous shades. It has a colour palette that has been developed & perfected over many years to one so versatile that choosing just a single design gives us all the colours we need to make cards for a huge variety of occasions - for men, for little ones, cards for birthdays, cards for Hallowe'en, cards for Christmas. Whatever the occasion, there is always a colour in a single design folder that is appropriate.

But being the colour-lover that I am, I want more : )

So today I'm introducing you to 2 new things.
First, a brand new Colour Palette - the French Country Colour Palette.
And secondly, a brand new way to buy colour & design too - Colour Couture.

Where, with The Colour Collection you select & shop by design - you simply select a design and get it in 38 colours.
With Colour Couture, you select & shop by colour - you simply choose a colour & you get up to 25 designs in your chosen shade.

You can choose as many or as few colours as you like, and not only will you get colours & shades that are designed to work together beautifully, you can also use them with your most-used favourite shades from The Colour Collection too. As I add more colours, you can choose whether or not you want to add those too!

And I'll also be introducing a selection of different design packs to choose from as well!

I'll be telling you about the first set of designs a little later in the post. But first, let me introduce you to the new colours : )

The 'French Country' Colours are the very first Colour Couture Collection. And there are 15 colours to choose from ... for now!

These are the colours I'm starting with …

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous? I wanted all the colours in the French Country Colour Palette to reflect the flavour of Provence - the grandeur of an old world Chateau with the casual twist of a comfy, worn, country cottage. I wanted them to evoke the pretty, feminine elegance of colours faded over time. So I've chosen shades that are charming & soft & muted yet casual & elegant at the same time.

And very different to those that make up The Colour Collection.

Of course, *the* most important thing is not how the colours look on the screen. It is how the colours will print for you at home : )

So I've put together a free printable of all the colours currently on the French Country Colour Chart which you can download as a
.pdf file (252 kb) or
.tif file (740 kb) as a .zip file

Whichever you prefer : )

Now let me tell you about the first design pack available in each of these colours.
I'm starting with a selection of designs you are familiar with - mostly : ) And I'm calling it the Classic Designs Pack.

These are the designs I've chosen ...

Each of the colour downloads ...
- includes 38 papers, over 25 papers (some designs have both a positive & negative printing option)
- & a solid colour paper too
- in a single colour of the French Country Colour Palette.
- Each of the designs print as individual A4 sheets.
- They are available with White elements/backgrounds
- and their retail price will be £2.99 per colour.

I'll be adding each individual colour to the Boutique over the next 2 weeks. I'll let you know as & when I do : )

But in the meantime, and especially for those of you who just want all the new colours, I've put all 15 colours into a
'French Country' Classic Patterns Pack, just as a Bank Holiday treat, just 'til Tuesday, 5th May & for just £15.00 for all of them.

That's just £1.00 per colour & a saving of over 60% on what the individual selling prices for the Classic Design Pack will be.

If you'd like to take a further look, you can find the 'French Country' Special Offer Pack *here* in the Boutique.

And I hope you like them!

Love Liz xx

  • Card Bases: 1-5mm Square
  • Papers & Colours: 'Custard', 'Lambswool', 'Nutmeg', 'Tea Rose', 'Straw' & 'Parchment'. From the 'French Country' Colour Couture Collection.
  • Sentiments: 'Wedding' Sentiment Ribbons'

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Colour Collection Offer Ends Today!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Just a quick note to remind you that if you haven't yet decided whether or not you'd like to add the new Colour Collection paper designs to your craft stash, you need to make your decision today if you'd like to take advantage of the Half Price Offer as well : )

The designs are 'Clematis', 'Chrysanthemums', 'Doodlie Doilies', 'Pretty Posy' & 'Bold Brushes'.

And you can find them

*here* &

in the Boutique.

And the step-by-step tutorial for the little Gift Bags is *here* : )

Love Liz xx

Saturday, 18 April 2015

New Designs In The Colour Collection

Saturday, 18 April 2015

I've made these little Gift Bags using the step-by-step tutorial I shared with you yesterday. And the new paper designs I've added to The Colour Collection in the Boutique today : )

There are 5 new additions in total. Two of them, the 'Clematis' & 'Chrysanthemums' designs, are versions of some of my most recent designs from 'Linen' & 'Silver' Floralie Pattern Packs, tweaked a little to make them perfect for The Colour Collection.

The remaining three, 'Doodlie Doilies', 'Pretty Posy' & 'Bold Brushes' are brand new designs : )

Let me tell you all about them ...

Each of these downloads ...
- include a single paper design,
- in all 38 colours of the Colour Palette.
- 'Clematis', 'Chrysanthemum' & 'Bold Brushes have both positive & negative design options included in the downloads
- 'Doodlie Doilies' & 'Pretty Posy' have a negative design option only.
- Each of the designs print as individual A4 sheets.
- They are available with White elements/backgrounds
- and their retail price will be £1.99 each.

These are the designs …



'Doodlie Doilies'

'Pretty Posy'

'Bold Brushes'

This week only, each design is half price, & just £1.00 each. Just until next Sunday, the 26th April.

And you can find them
*here* &
in the Boutique.

And I hope you like them!

Love Liz xx

Friday, 17 April 2015

Weekend Craft Project: Simple Paper Gift Bag

Friday, 17 April 2015

Hi everyone!

Today, I want to show you how to make a simple Paper Gift Bag : )

It's very simple and quick to make & needs only a single sheet of A4 paper & a few very basic supplies. The kind of things we all have in our craft box.

And my finished bag measures 14cm x 15cm (5 1/2″ x 6″).

As with the Gift Box I shared in my last post, I think knowing how to fold a paper Gift Bag is an important tool to have in your crafting arsenal.

To make it, I've chosen one of a few new designs I'll shortly be adding to the Colour Collection in the Boutique. Very shortly : ) I'll be telling you about those in my next post.

And they're much easier to make than you think ...


You will need ...
Single sheet of A4 paper.
(I printed onto 120gsm paper)
Permanent Adhesive
Hole Punch
Ribbon or Twine for Handles

Bone Folder (You could use the edge of a ruler if you don't have one)
Small piece of white card
Gift Tag.

Lay your paper horizontally on your work surface with the wrong side facing up. Create the top edge of your bag by folding down 2 1/2cm (1") along the top, long horizontal edge. And create a tab to seal the side edge of your bag by folding approx 1-1.5cm (1/2") in from the short, right hand side. Press down the folds firmly with your fingertips & crease.

Open up the 2 folds you have just made, & fold the remaining short side up to the edge of your folded tab on the opposite side.

Apply adhesive along the tab, in the folded area only ...

… & fold it over, carefully lining up the top & bottom edges.

Working at the top of your bag & using the crease you have already made, fold it to the inside.

Now you're going to create the bottom of your bag.
So with the tabbed edge facing upwards (this is the back of the bag) and the folded top edge at the top, facing away from you, fold upwards 6 1/2 cm (2 1/2") from the bottom. Press & crease this fold firmly.

Lift & open up the bottom edge ...

… & gently fold one side towards the middle. Aligning the crease with the bottom folded edge will help you keep this straight. Make sure the points you create at the corner are open & flattened fully & neatly. Press down & & crease firmly.

Repeat to fold the opposite side towards the centre too, again using the crease & the fold to keep this straight and ensuring the corner point is neat & fully flattened. Press down & & crease firmly.

Fold up the bottom edge. Using the horizontal crease line in the centre as a guide, fold so the bottom edge sits approx 1cm (slightly less than 1/2") above the crease.

Repeat with the opposite edge, again using the crease as a guide & folding so the short edge sits approx 1cm (slightly less than 1/2") beyond it.

Open up the 2 flaps you have just made. And working on the top one only, apply adhesive to the areas shown above. Fold down this flap & stick it firmly in place.

Repeat this step on the remaining flap, applying adhesive to the same 2 areas on this and to approx 1-1 1/2 cm (1.2") in the centre too.

Being careful where you apply adhesive in the last two steps will ensure there is no stickiness on the inside of your bag when it is finished : )

Fold down this flap too & stick it firmly in place.

Punch 2 holes at the top of your bag. Punching through both layers at the same time will make sure your holes are perfectly aligned.

… cut a length of ribbon or twine approx 50cm in length & thread through your handles, adding a tag if you like as you do this.

And tie it neatly on the inside.

Your bag is now essentially finished!

There is another final small step which I always like to do. And that is to add a small piece of card to the bottom on the inside. I think this makes my bags a little stronger, they have a neater finish on the inside and my bags feel more professional when I have : )

It is optional. But it is simple to do ...

Cut a small piece of white card, approx 92mm x 57mm (a little over 3 1/2" x 2 1.4") & pop it in the bottom. It may need a little adjusting to get the best fit. But I just slice 1mm off the edges at a time until I have something I am happy with. And when I have, a little dab of glue on the underside holds it securely in place.

And that's how to make a simple Paper Gift Bag : )
How quick & simple was that? I think they're fun to make too.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
New Colour Collection paper designs next : )

Love Liz xx