PageMaps Card Sketches & Layout Ideas

Page Maps by Becky Fleck is a fantastic place to find layout ideas for your cards when you're stuck for inspiration for a layout for a project.

Becky lists new ideas every month, along with a real card examples from her very talented Design Team too. And there plenty to choose from. One of them is sure to inspire you : )

There's also the option of printing out a monthly selection if you prefer to print them out for referencing whilst you craft.

It's fabulous! Take a look!

3 comments on PageMaps Card Sketches & Layout Ideas

  1. Hello. I've just looked at and what a great resource for ideas. I'll be back there for inspiration!! Thanks for letting us know about them.

  2. Yeah, I just had a look too - it will be a good source of inspiration when I next have cardmakers block!

  3. whey heyyy somat good to browse.. Lets us have more... Brilliant site.. x