Pretty Little Storage

I have been looking for one of these for AGES - a pretty little cake stand to put all my bits and bobs in.

I've seen quite a lot. Some were very, very beautiful with gorgeous, intricate little details. But I didn't want anything with lots of edges that may damage delicate ribbons & they were all between £30 - £50.00 which was much more than I wanted to pay really.

Then at the weekend I found these in Homebase in Truro. No intricate little details or edges that I might catch my ribbons on, very pretty, and large enough to hold quite a lot. It's about 18" tall & the bottom basket is about 9" in diameter. And they are only £5.99! Which was just what I was looking for!

So if you, like me, have been looking for one ... Homebase is where these are : )

Love Liz xx

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  1. Liz, these are just gorgeous aren't they. I've had 2 pinks ones for ages in my kitchen with the plan to use them for high tea!! Yeah right, never happened so guess where they ended up, yep my craft room. I would love a cream one though didn't know they did that colour too. x

  2. I'm going to have a look at the Homebase in the town where I work as the one where I live is so pants and doesn't have those :(

  3. This looks great Liz - just the job!! Thanks for sharing xxxx

  4. That is so useful and so pretty! Well done you...well posh lol xx

  5. Oh I love it! It looks fab with the crafty bits, and I'm sure cakes would look great too! xx

  6. Ooh Liz, they are gorgeous. I wish I had a craft room to adorn with such fanciful trinkets. Sadly I have just one desk in the corner of the lounge so don't have room for these beauties. Life is so hard!!

    Anyhoo, I have passed on an award to you and your lovely blog. Don't feel you must display it as it may clutter up your lovley fresh page design!! Just know that it's there!!


    Caryn xx.

    p.s. Have nearly finished my first Twinkle creation - she's a wee sweetie!!

  7. That looks sooo pretty!By the way I've just ordered the old fashioned girl kit and I LOVE IT X 1000000!!!!Am just printing out my 1st page and it looks amazing-thanks for such fab designs!!Dei xx

  8. Hi Liz,
    This is so pretty! If you pop over to my Blog, there's something for you!!
    Louise x

  9. That's where I got mine a couple of years ago but mine is pink...wish I got cream though as the pink has faded to a funny colour!! :)

  10. Just want to say thanks for the info: I just spent a week back in the UK and managed to pick up two for my soon-to-be-finished craft room :)
    Love them!