Simply Gorgeous

I love everything about these ribbons by East Of India.

From their lovely, soft linen-type texture and girlie sentiments to the re-usable (and very collectible) kraft rolls they come on. I think they're gorgeous.

I've never seen them in a craft shop. I think you're more likely to find them in a gift or greeting card shop. And I think I liked them for that too. Something a little different than we find with our usual craft suppliers.

I bought mine from The Glass House, a little gift boutique in St Ives. It's one of my favourites shops locally.

They're also available online & a quick Google or eBay search should find them for you : )
I just bought a couple of them to try them. And now of course ... I want all of them!

10 comments on Simply Gorgeous

  1. Really love these Liz, great design and sentiments! Tfs :)xx

  2. ooooh Liz, i think you might of enabled me!!!!! aren't they gorgeous?!! xx

  3. How strange!! I saw these only today in John Lewis and bought some as they are YUMMY :) but having seen your post, have looked and they are cheaper if you google and buy them online!! xx

  4. Love east of india stuff. Had a look and there are loads on ebay £3.95 a roll inc postage. Is that a fair price? Don't have a shop nearby that sells them to compare with. x

  5. Mine were £2.99 per 3m roll Lolo. : )

  6. Your right they are lush Liz, funny enough I know a wee craf shop that stocks them.......... mine LOL and as soon as they come in they fly off the shelf as they are soooooo hummy,

    Ger x

  7. Oh WOW! these are gorgeous... I've just bought some for £2.42x 3mtrs from Eden 247... no doupt I'll be getting more.. I love ribbon have loads but some how always find more to need/ have to have lol. Must be the little girl in me.

  8. Mmm lovely, I'm sure I saw some similar or the same in our John Lewis. Maybe not!

    Can't wait to see how you use them


  9. Wow they are gorgeous, I would be straight off to buy some but have just spent a fortune on loads of other goodies so these will have to wait.

  10. Daisy Park sell them for £3 per roll and they seem to have quite a few! Gorgeous or what?? xx