Mr Pink Petticoat

I thought it was about time I introduced you. Please meet Des : )
Des does quite a lot around here. He is the one responsible for all the gorgeous photographs of my cards on the web site and the blog. He does all the difficult techie stuff for the boutique when I can't. And he'll pick up the phone to speak to you when he's at home and I'm not around. And he keeps the coffee coming.

In fact, if you've ever telephoned and Des has answered the phone and you've had a techie issue, then you've definitely got the right man. He used to be a computer teacher and is fantastic at making complicated computer issues seem simple. And extraordinarily patient whilst he takes you step-by-step through the process of doing them.

He's also great with tissue paper. If you've bought CDs from Pink Petticoat and they've arrived wrapped in pretty pink and green tissue, then there's a good chance Des has wrapped them for you.

Of course, he does all the usual things too - like putting up with piles of Primas in the kitchen and glitter covered socks. And he always thinks I'm crackers when I go in yet another ribbon shop.

So ... what else can I tell you about him?

He loves Rugby but doesn't play any more.
He loves his car. But loves long walks too.
He's fanatical about shiny shoes (ex-Services).
He's got a very broad Yorkshire accent.
And he's a GREAT cook.

And he thinks the rear view mirror is there so he can check his appearance : )

Des is quite simply, an all-round great guy - charming, easy-going, loves to laugh and prefers to see the good in people and in life. If he sees that you're a little bit down, he'll cup your cheeks in his big, big hands, tell you everything will be alright. And then do everything he can to make it that way.

It was actually a customer who first called him Mr Pink Petticoat. Quite a long time ago. And she was so right. Pink Petticoat may well be my little business. But I couldn't possibly do it without Des : )

19 comments on Mr Pink Petticoat

  1. Oh Liz, he sounds wonderful. When you find your soulmate you definitely know.
    Amanda x

  2. I'm with you Des - that IS what the rear-view mirror's for... :)

    Nice to "meet" you at last!

    Leann x

  3. Hi Liz

    Lovely to meet Mr PP and what a great post (and photo :O). Seems like you two are a great team together both personally and professionally running PP - what would we all do without you both!


  4. Lovely post to read! Pleased to meet you Mr Pink Petticoat. Ruby x

  5. I can feel the love between you in your writing - what a wonderful introduction Liz. x

  6. Awww what a great post and what a great guy! I had to giggle at the tissue paper comment!
    Now we need a piccie of Mrs Pink Petticoat please :)
    Katie x

  7. Awww, this was so lovely to read Liz! True love and soulmates without a doubt.Now we know what Mr PP looks like can we see what you look like too? xxxx

  8. There's a photo of me on the web site.
    If you click any of the cards on the inspiration pages to see the larger images, I'm sitting in the corner.

    I'm very shy : )


  9. Awwwww!!! *wavies** Hello Mr Petticoat :)
    A pleasure to meet you.
    And what a beautiful introduction Liz :) xx

  10. What a lovely post about your Mr PP He sounds one in a million!

    Hello Mr PP
    what a lovely wife you have..but then you already know that!


  11. Hello Des, we have spoken and you were so helpful and Liz what a lovely post. i really enjoyed reading it

    Elaine x

  12. Hello and Welcome Des:)
    Together you & Liz make a beautiful Team!!!!
    what a true gent!!!!
    Keep the coffee flowing Des..
    Thankyou for photographing all those beautiful creations:) ... xx

  13. Hi Liz,
    Just got the new 'Tiny Baby Sentiments' and they're so cute. Speaking of which...Des looks, and sounds, like a great guy!! xx

  14. Clearly a major part of your life.........sounds like Mr Perfect to me!
    Oh he's from the north .....that explains is mine!

  15. Wow, I feel a bit emotional after reading that! What a truely lovely heart warming post.
    I was lucky enough to win a paper stack last week & was gushing over how beautiful it all came wrapped & presented, made my day!Thank You!
    The perfect team x

  16. Pleased to meet you after all these years, Des. Liz, what a lovely piece to read :)

  17. Oh, this is great! Love your images Liz, I am glad to hear you are sorrounded by beautiful people like Mr. Pink Petticoat!

  18. Hi Liz me again!

    My package arrived this morning - totally gorgeous and I've posted it up on my blog with a link back to PP for you and Terrie if you want to see....

    Thank you so much again.

    Take care