Pretty Storage Jars

Well, I haven't been able to design or create anything which I liked recently. But I can still keep my craft studio looking pretty : )

So I was really pleased to find these pretty little storage jars in the The Range on a recent shopping trip. I actually found them a couple of weeks ago. I just haven't been able to post my photos because I then managed to find myself chicken pox too. And what a nasty little virus that is! It totally wiped me out for a while.

I think this is my favourite - my little Prima cupcake stand ...

... but I do love all of them - they hold everything I want them too, I can see what's inside and there's room for more : )

Flowers by Prima. Seam Binding from The Ribbon Girl.

12 comments on Pretty Storage Jars

  1. Hi wow what a lovely idea for storing your pretty flowers. Chicken pox oh dear ! Glad you are okay . Kitty :D

  2. What a fab idea, so pretty but efficient too. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're feeling better soon. Zo x

  3. They are gorgeous, hope you're feeling a bit better now :-)

  4. Sorry you haven't been well Liz. I hope you're feeling much better now. These viruses that we usually pick up when we're kids effect us much worse when we get older. So I understand that you will have felt... wiped out! A few years ago, I found out that I'm none immune to Rubella, after having it twice. Once at six, and then again at forty!!

    Love your beautiful storage jars, and how you've put them to use by displaying your gorgeous craftylicious goodies. I will have to take a trip down to my local Range to see if they're still available.

    Take care! xx

  5. Hi Liz

    Wow stunning photography these storage ideas are fab - TFS. Sorry to read that you've had Chicken Pox hope you are feeling better now.



  6. How awful to get chicken pox as an adult, poor you :( Hope you're feeling better.
    I love these storage jars, they're so pretty (and what's inside them isn't bad either!!)

  7. oh my word - hope you on the better side of the little blighters - those spots are vicious!

  8. They look stunning Liz
    I've just been told today they think I have early chickenpox!! How bizarre
    Feel like Im 6 lol
    Glad you are better hun
    mandi xx

  9. These jars are fantastic for storage:) Sandra H

  10. your jars look gorgeous - like an old fashioned sweet shop! and I sincerely hope the chickenpox goes quickly AND DONT SCRATCH - easier said than done! Mary G x

  11. Hi Liz

    Please get well soon. We all rely on your inspiration!!

  12. These are `Gorgeous` Liz..sorry to hear you have been poorly:(
    My hubbie had the chicken pox last year and he was really poorly:(yuk...
    I do hope your soon feeling a lot better Take CAre:) xxx