Lovely, Lovely Lavender

Lavender is one of my favourite flowers. I love everything about it from it's delicate little flowers, it's gorgeous fragrance and, of course, it's fabulous colours. I don't think my home is ever without it. I use the flowers and the oils for all sorts of things.

Using lavender to dress an outdoor dining table in the summer is one of my favourite things to do with it. So too is giving it away in little bunches.

And have I just been very lucky or has lavender been especially fabulous in the garden this year? I've cut bunch after bunch of it for my bedrooms and kitchen this summer, given lots of it away and I still have a huge bag of dried flowers that I can use for myself and for gifts. And the border is still producing flowers so there's more to come. The fragrance has been unbelievable as well. It's seemed more perfumed than ever. It's been a-maz-ing!

And the bees ... they've LOVED it!

The lavender seems to attract them into the garden. And then they find lots of other little treasures too : ) I love to see them busying themselves amongst the flowers.

Lovely lavender and busy little bees. The simplest of pleasures : ) And one of the many joys of summer.

Thank you all so much for visiting this week. If you've got new papers and sentiments to play with, I hope you thoroughly enjoy being creative with them : ) I know I am.

And enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Card Credits
Lavender - from my garden
Sentiments: Tiny {Blooming} Sentiments
Bees - just visiting : )

4 comments on Lovely, Lovely Lavender

  1. Amazing photos and amazingly simple ideas - so look forward to these posts Sue B

  2. Complete and utter `beauty`..Your photo`s are `Gorgeous`
    I love love how you wrapped your beautiful lavender!!!!!
    Its def a fav of mine!!!!!(reminds me of my Grandma) hmmm TFS:)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend:) xxx

  3. This is just amazing love the photo's and the lavender:) sANDRA h

  4. Beautiful photos Liz. I love lavender too and finally planted two plants in my garden this year. xx