Sour Cream Container Gift Pouches

These little Sour Cream Container-type gift bags are the ones I made last week to show you my new 'Pretty Printemps' papers. I've had a few requests for a tutorial to show you how I made them.

So here you go : )


To make a basic gift pouch, you will need ...
Patterned Paper or light card, cut into rectangles approx 6" x 4"(A6) in size.
Strong Adhesive.

1. Apply your adhesive to three edges of your piece of paper - the 2 longest and 1 of the shorter edges.

2. Stick the two shortest sides firmly together, taking care not to create a crease or a fold in your paper.

3. Firmly press the shorter edges together to seal your gift pouch at one end. Pop your goodies inside.

4. Then press the edges together at the opposite end, in the opposite direction to seal your goodies inside.

Congratulations! You now have a basic, finished sour cream container gift pouch.
You can now decorate it any way you like it to finish : )

Lovely, aren't they?
Thank you all for visiting this week. Have a happy crafty weekend everyone!

Card Credits
Patterned Papers: 'Pretty Printemps' Pattern Paper Pack
Adhesive: 'Stick-It Permanent Adhesive Roller. By DoCrafts.
Heart Punch: Woodware Regular Heart Punch(Orange))
Kraft Button Twine and tiny wooden pegs

4 comments on Sour Cream Container Gift Pouches

  1. What a wonderful tutorial dearie.I was wondering how they were made.Will definitely have a go.Thank you.Hugs Debbie x

  2. I've made these before following one of your tutorials - love 'em. At Christmas I use them for table gifts at lunch and they have always been very well received.

  3. Thank you, easy when you know how ......