How To Make The Simplest Notebooks

Hi everyone! Today I want to show you how to make the simplest ever notebooks.
I'm still enjoying playing with my new 'Pink Grapefruit' papers. So I chose a fruity pattern, a ditsy pattern and a bold floral pattern from that Collection to make them.

These are the notepads I like to use when I make these. From The Range, they cost about £1.00 for 4. They are available in different sizes and they already have a pad of paper and a heavy backboard glued together. All I need to do is make them look pretty is make the front cover.

I'll show you how I do it : )

And the paper I'm printing on today to make my covers is Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper. It's a glossy, heavy weight paper, which has the weight of a lightweight card, but the flexibility of a paper. I think it's nice for notepads : )


You will need
Patterned Paper
Scoring Tool
Permanent Adhesive

Step 1
You need two measurement to cut your cover, the length and the width.
First, measure the width across your notepad.
Second, measure your notepad from top to bottom, the depth down the edge and add 2"(5cm) to go down the back.
Cut your cover to this total length and width.

Next, at each side, mark the two points at which the cover will sit across the edge of your notepad ...

Step 2
… and score two lines at these points.
You should now have a cover with three identifiable sections, and be able to fit it onto your notepad to see how it looks.

Step 3
Apply adhesive to the section that will sit at the back of your notepad only …

… and stick it down.

Turn it around, and your notebook is finished.

Aren't they the simplest things to make? And they're great to give as gifts or to add to your stall at your local craft fayre : )

Love Liz xx

7 comments on How To Make The Simplest Notebooks

  1. I love these Liz, I have been making these for quite a few years now and package them with a pen and put a magnet on the back. They sell really well at craft fairs, especially at Christmas as they are great stocking fillers. Pink Petticoat designs are just so fabulous that they make anything pretty.

  2. Super cute, super easy. They'd be great for party favours too.

  3. Brilliant, I will certainly be making these.


  4. Looks great, quick and easy! I can feel a trip to Ranger coming on! or maybe Tescos, but I'm still very mad with them for not selling their *Finest papers.
    Happy Crafting

  5. What a lovely idea.really pretty covers.look much nicer. Hugs x

  6. I am with sueo78 I have made them for a few years, and your papers do make a difference, they stand out so beautifully. I haven't made them with gloss paper, must try that, thanks for the idea.