How To Make A Stitched Summer Fruits Circle Garland

Hi everyone! Today I want to show you how to stitch a simple paper garland.
I've chosen to make mine a summer fruit garland. So I'm using circle shapes and the citrus paper designs from 'Pink Grapefruit'.

But really, you could use any kind of patterned paper and any punch shape you want.

Here's how to do it : )


You will need
Patterned Papers
Circle Punches or Dies. (I used 3-3.5 cm (1-1.5") Circle Nestabilities Dies by Spellbinders )
Glitter & Adhesive
Sewing Machine & Sewing Thread

First you need to create a pile of paper circles by cutting or punching the citrus shapes from your printed paper. Add your glitter and leave them to dry thoroughly.

When they're completely dry, you're ready to start stitching and putting your garland together : )

Step 1
To create a length to hang your garland, begin by sewing a length of stitches.

Step 2
Then, feeding your first circle under your sewing foot ...

Step 3
… sew across the first circle.

Step 4
When you get to the end of the circle, sew a few more stitches ...

Step 5
… and insert the next circle.
Repeating this sequence of stitches, circle, stitches, circle, continue to feed the circles through your machine ...

Step 6
… until you've reached your desired length.

Step 7
Leave a long tail of thread at the end to help with hanging, cut, and you’re done!

A quick and pretty, fruity summer garland. And very sweet : )

Love Liz xx

8 comments on How To Make A Stitched Summer Fruits Circle Garland

  1. Wow this is gorgeous.fab tutorial.hugs x

  2. Hi Liz, this is really pretty. Can I see more than three colours of fruit in your garland? How did you manage that?

    1. Hi Mrs Harry,
      There are more than 3 shades. But they are cut from just the three colours of papers included. The Citrus papers in Pink Grapefruit have watercoloured backgrounds. So there are different shades throughout the paper. By cutting my fruits from different parts of the paper, I had different shades to add to my garland!
      HTH : )