Weekend Craft Project: Print Your Own Washi Tape

Washi tape ... it's everywhere isn't it? If you're not yet familiar with it, washi tape is a patterned sticky tape, similar to masking tape ... a very, very pretty masking tape ... made from either fabric or paper.

It has endless design possibilites for lovers of paper & paper crafts, like us.

Personally, I love it. I love it's versatility and it's design potential. And I absolutely adore some of the things I've seen created with it by some of talented ladies in our crafting community. But, I've never yet bought any. And the only reason for that is that I've never yet seen a washi tape in a print or colour that I really wanted. I create with only my own Pink Petticoat paper designs. What I needed was Pink Petticoat washi tape, to match my papers perfectly. And done in a Pink Petticoat way by printing it myself at home.

So I decided to try to make my own ... a DIY washi tape ... and it really couldn’t be simpler! This is all it takes.


You will need ...
Double Sided Tapes
Scraps of Patterned Papers
Something to cut or trim, scissors, a craft knife or paper trimmer

1. Flip your paper over so the wrong side is facing you. Taking a strip of double-side tape in the width you want, peel off one side of the backing paper and press it down firmly & smoothly, to your chosen paper.

2. Then using the edge of the tape as a guide, trim precisely along the strip of tape.

And that's it! Pink Petticoat washi tape. And so unbelievably simple to make.

I now have all the washi tapes I could possibly want, in patterns and colours that match my papers perfectly. And, because I get to choose the width of tape I use each time, they're in the exact width I want for my projects too - every time - using bits & pieces I already have in my crafting toolkit too. It's added a whole new dimension to my card making at no extra cost.

And it's perfect for all those little scraps of paper that are just too lovely to throw away : )

11 comments on Weekend Craft Project: Print Your Own Washi Tape

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    1. Fantastic Liz... Like you I've seen all the washi tapes but not sure they'd coordinate with my stash so never bought any. Love this idea though so will be trying it out soon. X

  2. Great idea to use up all those strips of leftover paper. Can I ask which collection that lovely pink apple paper is in? I thought I had everything you'd ever produced, but can't remember seeing that one. Looking forward to your next fabulous offering x

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thank you!
      It's in 'Autumn Blossoms' ... this one http://www.pinkpetticoat.co.uk/autumn_blossoms/autumn_blossoms.php

    2. Thanks Liz - I'll have to get that one out and use it - very pretty x

  3. Great idea Liz - thanks for the tutorial!
    It's one of those moments when you say to yourself "why didn't I think of that"!
    Sylvia x

  4. So now some gorgeous cards using it - huh?
    Carolyn NZ

  5. As always, just too cute. Thanks for the lesson on Washi Tape too.

  6. So simple, so lovely, off to print some thank you again Liz, x