Introducing The New French Country Colours Collection

The Colour Collection.

It's a very simple design concept isn't it? We simply select a design we love, and get it in an entire colour palette of gorgeous shades. It has a colour palette that has been developed & perfected over many years to one so versatile that choosing just a single design gives us all the colours we need to make cards for a huge variety of occasions - for men, for little ones, cards for birthdays, cards for Hallowe'en, cards for Christmas. Whatever the occasion, there is always a colour in a single design folder that is appropriate.

But being the colour-lover that I am, I want more : )

So today I'm introducing you to 2 new things.
First, a brand new Colour Palette - the French Country Colour Palette.
And secondly, a brand new way to buy colour & design too - Colour Couture.

Where, with The Colour Collection you select & shop by design - you simply select a design and get it in 38 colours.
With Colour Couture, you select & shop by colour - you simply choose a colour & you get up to 25 designs in your chosen shade.

You can choose as many or as few colours as you like, and not only will you get colours & shades that are designed to work together beautifully, you can also use them with your most-used favourite shades from The Colour Collection too. As I add more colours, you can choose whether or not you want to add those too!

And I'll also be introducing a selection of different design packs to choose from as well!

I'll be telling you about the first set of designs a little later in the post. But first, let me introduce you to the new colours : )

The 'French Country' Colours are the very first Colour Couture Collection. And there are 15 colours to choose from ... for now!

These are the colours I'm starting with …

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous? I wanted all the colours in the French Country Colour Palette to reflect the flavour of Provence - the grandeur of an old world Chateau with the casual twist of a comfy, worn, country cottage. I wanted them to evoke the pretty, feminine elegance of colours faded over time. So I've chosen shades that are charming & soft & muted yet casual & elegant at the same time.

And very different to those that make up The Colour Collection.

Of course, *the* most important thing is not how the colours look on the screen. It is how the colours will print for you at home : )

So I've put together a free printable of all the colours currently on the French Country Colour Chart which you can download as a
.pdf file (252 kb) or
.tif file (740 kb) as a .zip file
Sorry. This download is no longer available.

Whichever you prefer : )

Now let me tell you about the first design pack available in each of these colours.
I'm starting with a selection of designs you are familiar with - mostly : ) And I'm calling it the Classic Designs Pack.

These are the designs I've chosen ...

Each of the colour downloads ...
- includes 38 papers, over 25 papers (some designs have both a positive & negative printing option)
- & a solid colour paper too
- in a single colour of the French Country Colour Palette.
- Each of the designs print as individual A4 sheets.
- They are available with White elements/backgrounds
- and their retail price will be £2.99 per colour.

I'll be adding each individual colour to the Boutique over the next 2 weeks. I'll let you know as & when I do : )

But in the meantime, and especially for those of you who just want all the new colours, I've put all 15 colours into a
'French Country' Classic Patterns Pack, just as a Bank Holiday treat, just 'til Tuesday, 5th May & for just £15.00 for all of them.

That's just £1.00 per colour & a saving of over 60% on what the individual selling prices for the Classic Design Pack will be.

If you'd like to take a further look, you can find the 'French Country' Special Offer Pack *here* in the Boutique.

And I hope you like them!

Card Credits
Card Bases: 1-5mm Square
Papers & Colours: 'Custard', 'Lambswool', 'Nutmeg', 'Tea Rose', 'Straw' & 'Parchment'. From the 'French Country' Colour Couture Collection.
Sentiments: 'Wedding' Sentiment Ribbons'

2 comments on Introducing The New French Country Colours Collection

  1. My oh my Liz .. .. these colours are just stunning!! I love them! Thank you!

    Just printed off the free colour chart and am super happy to say my printer loves the colours as much as my eyes do when I look at them on screen!!

    So you can guess what I am about to download next!!

    Have a good Bank Holiday weekend and thanks again for the fabby designs.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Liz - these colours and designs look fabulous!! Can't wait to start using them.