A Golden Pear

I liked this card I'd made it & decided I wanted to share it with you. But after I'd taken some photos of it, I changed my mind & couldn't decide whether I like it any more or not. I'm not sure why. I can't pinpoint it. I just feel as though there's something ...

It's simply one of the printable die-cut pear shapes from the 'Partridge In A Pear Tree Image Stamps' used as a template & cut from some gold-coloured handmade paper, which I layered onto a selection of cut snowflakes along with one of the Pear Sentiments and finished with lots of sequins & crystals.

I'm still not sure. What do you think? Constructive criticism required I think : )

Card Credits
Grey Card Base: Paperchase
Pear Printable Die-Cut with Sentiment: 'Partridge In A Pear Tree Image Stamps'
Large Snowflake Die: Hero Arts
Small Snowflake Die: Magnolia Stamps
Smallest Snowflake Die: Martha Stewart
Length of Gold Sequins, Selection of Individual Sequins & Crystal, Gold Paper, Natural Button Twine

11 comments on A Golden Pear

  1. It is very nice, but for me I would ditch the sequin string,
    Thanks for sharing
    A X

  2. I think it is beautiful. Very eye catching and I for one would be delighted to receive this card in the post! The issue for you is possibly that it is not as simple as your usual "less is more" style. The drape of sequins is an elegant touch to a classic card. I for one applaud you. Sue x

  3. I rather like the sequin string! I really like the combination of the gold, grey and white - really different.

  4. I love it. You've got such a great eye for adding stuff, that I'd always trust your judgement, LOL. I mean, I'd never put grey and gold together, but you've done it with such flair, it looks great. Not in any way a criticism, but if I was *asked* to alter it, then I'd maybe add a tiny silver snowflake (or maybe a tiny bell or something?) to the front to pull the silver/grey together. Or add a red or pink gem to the centre of the snowflake on the left. Or maybe use a silver peg? But what do I know? I'm from Essex, so I'd probably cover the whole thing in diamante and glitter, anyway, (and that pear looks like it could do with a spray tan). ;-)

  5. The card is great and the grey and gold work surprisingly well together, but I do agree that the gold sequin chain is rather overwhelming and a distraction from the stunning elegance of the card.

  6. It is a really lovely card Liz. As mentioned above it is different to your usual card and busier with a hint of bling! I love it though.

  7. I for one love it; it you decide you don't still, I'd be happy to send you my snail mail address (LOL!); thanx for the inspiration!

  8. It’s lovely!

  9. Well, it would take pride of place on my mantlepiece Liz (if I had one!!)


    Pat x