Busy Lizzie

I don't have a card to share with you today :(

But I have been working on two little projects this afternoon which I'm very excited about. And I'll be able to tell you about those quite soon. One in July and the other, hopefully & if all goes well, before then : )
At the Garden Centre yesterday, I chose beautiful, stately creamy African Marigolds, soft & pretty Verbenas in lovely shades of purple, lilac & silver to try to attract the butterflies and lots & lots & lots of little Busy Lizzies in shades of pink & white. They're one of my favourites & I buy some every year. And it makes me smile every time I do because there just couldn't be a more appropriately-named flower for me!

I walked away 'thinking about' nemesias & frilly petunias too ... so I might add some of those yet. I'll need to see how much space I have left when I've got the others in. And it's the fabulous Chelsea Flower Show this week, which I'll definitely be watching, so I'm going to see what wonderful ideas they have to inspire me too before I spend any more money. There'll no doubt be something.

But I think my little new flowers are going to make my garden look very pretty this year, regardless.

4 comments on Busy Lizzie

  1. Hi Liz. Lovely pics. I can see the umbrella and the Buddha featuring in future downloads

  2. What a gorgeous Buddha I have one in my garden.. much smaller but just as elegant I bought hime with the winnings from a horse race.. I don't normally bet but this horses name was my maiden name & my married name combined so I had to have a go.. & he won so now I have a lovely Buddha in his honour.. Hope you get this one Liz.. or something like him.. Sue B

  3. Your garden is going to look fab!! Love the parasol it would look great!! I'm intrigued by your new projects, July seems like so far away but like you say there might be something a little earlier, can't wait.

  4. Do you know you have a fabulous knack with the camera Liz and I'm very jealous!

    Save up and both the goodies will be yours one day