How To Paper-Piece A Digital Image

Paper piecing is a lovely technique to use with digital images. There are several different ways to do it, including paper-piecing digitally by filling your image with pattern in a Graphics Program before you print it to add to your card.

Personally, I never do that. I much prefer to stick paper to paper because I like my cards to have the hand-crafted feel of paper layers. So I prefer to paper-piece by hand, letting my printer do as much work as possible : )

But that's just my personal choice. And this is how I do it ...


You will need a card base and the printed image you're using, ready to create your card.
And then print the pieces you need for paper-piecing ...

For paper-piecing a single image
1. Create a template for your patterned paper by printing your sheet of images in a Draft Printing Mode.
2. Using a temporary spray adhesive, stick your piece of patterned paper over the image you'd like to paper piece, and pop it back into your printer.
3. Revert to Photo Printing Mode, and print your image again.

Your image will now be printed onto your patterned paper, ready for you to cut out. Don't forget to keep your sheet of images. You can reuse this when you want to paper-piece it again.

And for paper-piecing a sheet of images ...
1. Print your paper design & pop it back into your printer.
2. Print your images on the top.

You can see this technique done in pictures on *this* post.

Then, whichever way you've chosen, you just cut around the pieces you want to include on your card and stick them down.

And that's it! I think paper-piecing is a really simple way to finish images. And a really lovely way to create with paper.

Card Credits
Papers: 'Sweet Flourishes' in Putty & Cream (negative design) & a solid colour in Pretty Pink
Image with Sentiment: 'Tweet Thoughts' paper pieced with 'Sweet Flourishes' in Putty & Cream (positive design) & highlighted with chalks
Scallop Edge: Fiskars Threading Water Punch
Ribbon & Beading : from my local Haberdashery
Crystals: Swarovski

8 comments on How To Paper-Piece A Digital Image

  1. Thanks for those tips, I've never tried it before but it doesn't sound too difficult so you've inspired me to have a go.

  2. What a great idea! The results are beautiful,I am going to have to give this a try! Tracey x

  3. Ah this is brilliant, I wouldn't have thought of that before, Might have to give it a go!!! Hazelxo

  4. I'd never have thought of printing one of your images on patterned paper ... such a fab idea. I've saved the pics to remind me to try it. Yet again you've opened up a whole new world ... many thanks ... Sue x

  5. Just a thought, but when you're cutting out your images, as in the one above, how do you cut out the tail? When I try, although I generally cut out quite neatly, the tails always let me down.

    Any suggestions anyone?

  6. Hi Annie,
    I haven't cut out the tail. The tail on my card is on the printed image I've paper pieced onto : )

  7. My first go at paper piecing, (a few weeks ago) I'm not sure if I've already linked it to you, but twice is better than not at all!
    You'll find it here


  8. Hi!

    I recently posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

    Would you let me know if that's OK?


    Nancy Ward