Dandelion Clocks Paper Pack

I added these to the Boutique yesterday - the 'Dandelion Clocks' Pattern Pack. This design seems to have become a much-loved paper amongst those of you who have 'Isabelline' and 'Marshmallow' Packs. And I'm definitely with you - it is for me too. And it has been much-requested in more colours. So I've done them : )

Shall I tell you a little about my design / decision-making process for these?. Keeping the neutrals 'Silver Cloud' & 'Mushroom Whisper', and the highlights of black & white, which are an integral part of the design, I produced & printed the paper in every colour in The Colour Collection. It was a lot of printing : )

I then removed the colours we already have (the Goldenrod shade in 'Isabelline' and the Pretty Pink in 'Marshmallow') because we don't do duplicates any more : ) Then, I took away all the colours that just weren't working for me. And I kept the rest to include in the pack. The colours I was left with - 16 of them - were actually some of the softest shades in the colour palette. With the exception of Soft Truffle & Nearly Midnight. Not soft shades at all, but they worked so beautifully with the neutrals that I just had to include them.

Then I experimented a little with the colours. And added a few mixed colour designs too. Like this ...

Pattern Paper Pack ~ 'Dandelion Clocks'

- There are a total of 21 'Dandelion Clock' paper designs,
- 16 in the softest shades of the Colour Palette. And Soft Truffle & Nearly Midnight too, because they work beautifully with the neutrals of the design.
- & 5 in a mix of colours.
- The designs print as individual A4 sheets,
- and it's retail price will be £2.99.

For the 16 individual colours, this is how the design looks ...

... and these are the colours included. Just the best for the design : )

For the 5 colour-palette mixes, this is how the design looks ...

... and this is how I've used the colours.

Love them!

You can find 'Dandelion Clocks' *here* in the Boutique.
And I hope you like them!

Card Credits
Card Bases: 125mm White Square Card Blanks
Patterned Papers: 'Dandelion Clocks' in Nearly Midnight, Neutrals Mix & Pinks Mix
Sentiment: 'Tiny {Blooming} Sentiments' & 'Tiny {Heartfelt} Sentiments'
Kraft Button Twine & Ivory Button Twine from The Ribbon Girl

3 comments on Dandelion Clocks Paper Pack

  1. Oh my goodness Liz, just when I thought things couldn't get any better - they just have!! Perfect. You know your market so well! Thank you xx

  2. Stop it! i need them all :)