My Creating Space Project - Step One

I've been thinking about my Studio Spring Cleaning project that I was telling you about last week.

If you remember, my goal is to declutter & organise/redesign the Pink Petticoat Studio.

Well, I've given my project a name. I'm calling it my 'Creating Space Project'.
And I now have an Action Plan.

This is my Step One.

Step One
Decide what I want from my space and from my de-cluttering process.

I found this step very easy to do. As a general rule, I tend to be the sort of person who knows exactly what I want. And I'm good at planning too. I'm not always as good at the execution ... there are some steps ahead of me that I will find quite challenging. But I'm going to deal with those as I get to them. Just for the moment, I'm planning,

I didn't go into too much detail at this stage. My aim for Step One was to create a general overview to help me focus on my overall goal.

I know I am very lucky. I have an entire room at home that is the Pink Petticoat Studio. It isn't a dual-purpose room, in that it's the corner of a bedroom or anything, as it was when we lived in Sheffield. I started Pink Petticoat in a tiny corner of my bedroom in what was my walk-in-wardrobe. I don't think many of you knew that did you? Out came the clothes & the shoes, and in went a desk & my computer. It was very tiny. So tiny I didn't even have any room for a chair. I sat on a tiny little stool that I had to push under the desk so there was enough room to open the door when I wanted to grab a coffee. I wouldn't have been able to get out otherwise! Oh happy days! Anyway ... I digress : )

Where was I .... oh yes. I'd decided that knowing what I wanted from my space was very simple for me hadn't I?

My Creating Space is a single-use work/creative space. There is no other purpose I need to use the space for. Oh, and it's all mine too : ) Which means, I have total creative license over what I choose to do with it.

But it does have to perform several different functions for me. So my decisions ...

I want my Creating Space to have ...
  • a space for running & managing Pink Petticoat
  • a space for my design work and
  • a space for making & creating too

I want it to be ...
  • Pretty and practical and ...
  • A space to inspire me!
  • A space that makes me feel productive & creative and that I will be excited to work and create in everyday. A space I want to spend time in. A space I can enjoy.
  • I want it to reflect who I am and my creative style. I spend a lot of time in my Studio - it's both the space I work in and the space for my creative 'me-time'. So it's important to me that I love it!
  • Organised! I want a place for everything & everything in it's place. Mmmmmm ... won't that be something!
  • And I want it to be easy to keep that way too.

And finally, I want the entire process to be ...
  • Non-intrusive. I still want to be able to work & create and use the space I have whilst I create the space I want.
  • Fun! I don't want this to be a huge chore. I want to enjoy doing this. I want to enjoy creating My Creating Space.
  • I want to take a little time to do it too. I'm more than happy to put up with my current chaos whilst I create my dream space. I've put up with so far - I can put up with it a little longer. I'd be happy if it was completed within the next couple of months.
  • And I don't want to blow a budget doing it. I want to find creative ways to organise it, with creative storage solutions that I can create for myself.

And if I can achieve all that, I'm going to be extremely happy : )
I think I'm now going to create a Moodboard for it.
I'll share that next.
More soon : )

3 comments on My Creating Space Project - Step One

  1. Well Liz it seems your have your head in gear just need to relay this to actions Good luck Hun xxx

  2. Oh boy is this inspiring...wish I had a room of my own, sadly not to be since we downsized and my husband just doesn't get that I need to spread when I'm crafting, admittedly the spread tends to spread!!!heehee but may be one day I too will be able to create an inspiring, comfortable and pretty space of my own to spread my wings. Lucky you Liz, we do appreciate your hard work and thanks for your inspiration look forward to the mood board...Sue x

  3. that all sounds perfect - I hav a little room just for my cardmaking but alas, with the greatest intentions was supposed to be well organised, tidy, practical, pretty but is usually a bit shambolic - I just cannot keep it tidy yet am anal about the rest of the house being clean and tidy!!
    Carolyn NZ