Pretty Easter Favours

An A6 glassine bag, pretty Prima Candies flowers trimmed with a button & Kraft Twine & some chocolate eggs are all I needed to make these pretty Easter Favour Gifts.
Oh, & *these* sentiments.

You will need
A6 Glassine Bag
Large Paper Flower
Twin-holed Button
Short length of Kraft Twine
A sentiment
Shredded Paper
Mini Easter Treats

1. Layer your button & sentiment in the centre of your paper flower.
2. Placing all 3 together & using a needle, thread Kraft Twine down through the hole on one side of the button, through all the layers & up through the hole in the other side, to stitch them all securely together. You can punch 2 small holes in your sentiment & paper flower to sew through if you like.
3. Tie the Kraft Twine into a casual bow. You have now created your Gift Bag topper.
4. Apply a large Glue Dot onto the back on your finished topper & glue it securely to an A6 Glassine bag.
5. Fill your bag with shredded paper & Mini Easter Treats. And you're done!

Simple & pretty aren't they?
This time next week we'll all be eating chocolate!

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