My New Paper Finds

The newest additions to my paper stash ...
#04 Laid White Paper 100gsm
#17 Linen Embossed White A4 Paper 100gsm
#19 Connoisseur Piero Soft White Cotton A4 Paper 100gsm
#22 Recycled Ribbed Kraft Paper 90gsm
#46 Sparkling White A4 Paper 120gsm

#21 Tracing Paper DL Envelopes

135mm Grey Linear Laid Square Folded Cards & Envelopes
135mm Chalk Square Recycled Card Set
A7 Indian Cotton Rag Folded Cards & Envelopes

All ready for me to print something pretty onto them for this years' summer makes : )
And all from Paperchase - my Christian Louboutin for paper!!

New paper makes me so happy!

Love Liz xx

8 comments on My New Paper Finds

  1. Thanks for sharing your paper tips. I found Papermania through you awhile back. Do you now have a new favorite? Can you recommend an A4 recycled in 250gm?

    1. Hi Maria,

      I'm afraid my go-to card supplier for all my A4 white, Century Paper, has temporarily closed their online store. I am currently looking for a replacement, just in case they don't reopen. But I haven't found anything anywhere near as good so far. I will certainly let you know if and when I do though : )


  2. Can't wait to see what ou make with these beauties! I try and refrain from going any where near a paper chase- it always ends up with a splurge!!!!

  3. Oooh linen embossed paper......delish! Love the sound of that and some of the others here.....Good luck everyone!

  4. christine pethers15 March 2013 at 11:05

    liz can you let us know which ones work for the printer please

    1. Hi Christine,

      All the paper, and the envelopes are suitable to both laser & inkjet printers : )


  5. Oh no you didn't!!!!
    You didn't just "enable" and give me a whole new (previously unheard of) website to fall in love with did you?
    You didn't just lose a whole hour of my morning where I got "lost" exploring?

    Lol... happily I think you did! :0)

    Happy crafting sweetie!


  6. Love Paperchase and could easiy spend lots of pennies on craft goodies in the shop.Paperchase also sell A6 cropping blocks in a variety of colours that are just fab for matting and layering . Not sure of the weight but a light weight cardstock .
    Sue x