My New Printer Epson WF-3520DWF

Those of you who have been friends of Pink Petticoat for a while, will know that that the printers I used to print my Pink Petticoat stamps and papers, were very old friends. Very old. I've wondered about replacing them with an up-to-date model several times over the years. But whilst they were still working it never quite made it to the top of my to-do list.

That is, until a couple of months ago, when my trusted old printers finally gave up the ghost. Both of them. And within two weeks of each other too! I went from having two old, but fabulous little printers to having no printer at all within a very short space of time. I had reached the time I knew would always come, where replacing them was no longer an option for me. I simply had no choice.
Apart from my computer itself, my printer is my most important tool. I know I'm not going to be able to produce great quality designs, or make professional-quality cards using printables unless I have a printer that can produce great-quality prints. And a good printer is not a cheap item is it? Nor are they the sort of item we can try-before-we-buy in a store. And whilst I was happy to pay a little more for a printer which gave me all the features I wanted, I wasn't really prepared to pay extra for any bells & whistles which might have been nice, but not necessary. And I didn't want to waste any money buying something that didn't give me everything I needed.

So in an attempt to give myself the best possible chance of getting it right first time, and knowing exactly the exact features I wanted, I spent some time over the next few days looking around the web, reading specs & forums & reviews trying to decide which model I wanted.

I decided I wanted to buy either an Epson or a Canon printer. During the past few years, lots of you have shared with me the makes and models of the printers you own and like. Both Canon & Epson seemed to be the favourite brands amongst a lot of you. So with that, and my own experience of Epson printers, Canon and Epson were the two brands I looked at most closely. And I have to say that it was only the fact that my previous Epson printers had served me so very well during the past few years that finally swung my choice towards them. If my new printer lasted for only half the time my old printers had, I was going to be very happy.

And I finally decided that the Epson WF-3520DWF was the printer for me.

It is a multi-function, all-in-one printer, scanner, fax & copier machine, which my old printers weren't. They were just simple, stand-alone printers. But it doesn't have those things at the expense of being a good quality printer.

And it was £100.00. So what seems to be mid-price range.

I couldn't buy one locally. But I don't think that was because they are difficult to find. They are widely available. I think it was because I live so far South West that the shops themselves are just hard to find : ) So I ordered mine online, from Currys and it was delivered the next day.

I was very excited to try it. And it did not disappoint. I absolutely love it! Focusing on just the printer, this is why …

An InkJet Printer for Best Quality Printing
For me, the best possible print quality is the single most important feature for me in choosing a printer. The debate still goes on between lovers of Laser printers and lovers of Inkjet, and which offers the best quality print, doesn't it? But for me, I think Inkjets still produce a better quality colour print than Lasers. So Inkjet it is for me : )

Simple Paper-Feed System to take heavy weight, 300gsm card and a variety of paper and other printing mediums
For home printers, a simple in-at-the-top & out-at-the-bottom paper feed system is the only option for printing on the heavier weight, 300gsm+ card that I like to use for some of my projects. So any printer I bought needed to have this type of paper-feed.

My new printer has two paper-feed options - a single-sheet rear-feed paper tray which takes heavier paper types and thicknesses & a plain paper, standard input tray at the front.

3. It has a Borderless {edge-to-edge} printing option. Perfect for papers!

4. Individual Ink Cartridges {& Compatible Cartridges are available too!}
I print a lot. I not only print for the things I want to make. But I print a lot whilst I am designing and putting collections together as well. And I don't use coloured inks equally throughout the year - I use more Magenta Ink during the Spring & Summer, when I'm printing lots of pink. And more Cyan during the Autumn, Winter and Christmas seasons, when I'm printing more blue & green. So I find Individual Ink Cartridges, where I can replace just one colour at a time as I need to, are more cost-effective and much better value for money for me. This printer uses 4 individual cartridges. XL high-capacity versions are also available. I've tried them. And they do seem to offer much better value.

And as an added bonus for me, all the Epson ink cartridges this printer uses contain their fast drying DURABrite Ultra Ink. My prints are now smudge, fade and water resistant. I can now use watercolours on my images!

Less expensive, compatible ink cartridges are available for this printer too : ) I prefer to use these during a design phase, where I am making colour decisions and testing designs, saving my better quality, & more expensive, Epson own brand inks for when I am printing to create.

5. Paper & Card
In the same way as I use different inks during the design and creating processes, I tend to do the same with paper. I use very inexpensive copier paper for trying out designs and my more expensive, better quality papers for printing to create. And I like to be able to buy papers or card or any other medium for printing from everywhere and anywhere, wherever I see something I like, and still know that I can get good printed results, without using a printer's own brand paper.

Although this was something I could only know for certain after I had bought it, the print quality of this printer is superb. I even get great quality prints on low quality paper, much better than I had expected. Colours print brightly and the clarity is great.

It also has automatic double-sided (duplex) printing : )

6. Wi-Fi
I really dislike wires and cables. On anything. If I could buy a kettle than ran on wi-fi, I would. And I like re-arranging things in my studio to make the most of the changing light in the room throughout the year. I was always limited a little with my old printer as to where I could put it. So a new printer with Wi-Fi capability is a lovely bonus for me : )

I also use both an Apple computer and a Windows PC. With my Wi-Fi capability I can print from either of them, very easily, without having to change cables. I like that!

7. It has Memory Stick Printing. I can now print any papers and images I want and get creative without even turning on my computer.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely : )

If you'd like to contribute your own experience with printers for anyone else who's looking for information, either what you love to use or what you don't love, please feel very free to leave a comment below. It will be very helpful to anyone else looking for a new printer : )

Love Liz xx

14 comments on My New Printer Epson WF-3520DWF

  1. Glad you are pleased with your printer. I bought the same one and am very pleased with it. Like it for all the reasons you do and it actually says on the box that it prints cardstock. Great for crafters. Like Liz I would recommend this.

    Sue x

  2. I love Epson printers too. I have an R1900 - A3 printer and I love the fact I can do borderless printing. The cartridges are becoming harder to find (and more expensive) as the printer becomes an older model, and I'm dreading the day I can no longer find cartridges or they become an extortionate price. So it's great to read your "review" of your new printer. I'm not sure I'd go for an A3 next time, but to have photographic quality is almost non-negotiable for me!

  3. I have been a fan of Epson for a while, good quality printing, reasonable prices on both printers & inks.
    Haven't got this one but it looks fab. Jane x

  4. I also have replaced my beloved old (and dead) printer with this model recently! I agree with everything you say. It's brilliant - especially with the 300gsm card capability.

  5. I can't believe this! I went today to try to get a printer that does everything yours does but no one was able to recommend a suitable one as they'd never been asked for one for paper crafting. After reading your post and everyone's comments here I'll just have to get one. THANK YOU! Debra x

  6. Sounds a WONDERFUL printer, thanks for letting us know about the 300grm feature, something I know I have asked you about before.

    Just one question on my HP Photosmart C8180 printer, I can customize print sizes, 6 x 12 will print on a 6 x 12 card or 8 x 16 will let me print on an 8 x 16 card. Is it possible on the Epsom? This feature makes me want to hang on to my printer at all costs!!!!

  7. I am so pleased I have seen your review of this printer Liz. I have a colour laser jet printer and although it is good value for money in that you get a lot of mileage from the ink, my watercolour paper will not go through it which means I cannot colour digi images as my preferred medium is Distress inks. I think I will be investing in your recommended printer.
    Sharon. x

  8. Another good thing about Epson is when you go to buy cartridges your model has a picture on it. So instead of remembering which part # you just look for the one with your model's picture on it. i.e. a chair or a guitar.

  9. I am so excited to read this!!! I have this very printer sitting in the box in my living room just waiting to be hooked up to my computer! I love your paper and now that I have a printer that will love it as much as I do! Thank you so much.

  10. I actually bought a new printer last week however, I forgot to ask did it have a separate card feeder as my old model did and I loved it...this model CanonPixma mg5550 dosnt annoying. I have just printed some wedding invitations and had to stand and push most of the cards through they didnt really flow as my older canon model did, just goes to show I thought by buying a newer model of the same brand it would be more efficient not less! Never mind it prints beautifully so no complaints there! Lesson learnt more research less haste ....

  11. I bought a Epson WF3530 a few months ago and absolutely love it. I did not know the DURAbrite ink was I can watercolor your glad I read your blog. Thanks!

  12. Your posting re. your new printer was perfect timing as I had been looking for a while through the minefield of Wi-Fi printers. It is perfect for my specific requirements and since it arrived two weeks ago, I have been delighted with its performance and the memory stick printing is brilliant.
    I love it!

  13. Thanks for the comprehensive and honest review!