One Sheet Wonder 'Thank You' Cards - Part One

One Sheet Wonders. They're great aren't they? They've been around a long time and are still as popular as they've ever been.
If it is new to you, a One Sheet Wonder (OSW) is a paper crafting technique for using a single sheet of patterned paper or card, cut into multiple pieces, to make a set of co-ordinated cards with either no, or very little waste left over.

We already know how much fun it is to transform a sheet of pretty paper into a pretty card. As paper crafters we do it all the time. But it is absolutely the best value if we can use every little piece of it into something lovely, rather than use a little, store a little? I know I'd much rather have a stash of ready made cards on hand than an increasing pile of scraps of paper!

So I have created a template for a One Sheet Wonder which makes a set of 6 pretty Thank You cards using one of the sheets of sentiments from the 'Thank You' Sentiments set.

In a simple 3 step process, I'm going to show you how to print the sheet of card you need to make them, exactly how you need to cut it and in a series of step-by-step photo tutorials over the next 2 weeks, show you how to make 6 pretty Thank You cards with it. Starting with 2 of them today. And it's all very, very easy to do : )

So let's get started : )

1. Choose a patterned paper and print it onto a sheet of White Card.
I've used hand cut card bases, cut from 300gsm smooth White Card for my cards. And I've printed my paper design onto it too. And I've chosen the 'Pretty Triangulaire' from 'Strawberry Blooms' for my design.
2. Layer your printing by popping it back into the printer and printing the sheet of sentiments from 'Thank You' Sentiments over the top of it.

You should now have a sheet of card that looks something like the one in the image below, without the cutting lines : )

Following the cutting lines in the image above, we're going to cut the horizontal line first, and then the vertical. Like this ...
1. Cut your card from top to bottom, straight down the middle. This will give you two lengths, each A6 size wide, 10.5cm. The same width as your card bases.
2. Taking the first side {the one with the copyright notice at the bottom}, cut off the copyright notice. as close as you can to the print.
3. Then, from the bottom of the remainder, cut at 12.5cm from the bottom edge. And at 13cm from the top edge.
4. Taking the remaining side, cut at 9.5cm from the bottom edge. And again at 7cm down from the top edge.

Discarding the piece with the copyright notice on, you should now have the 6 pieces you will use to make your cards.

Now you're ready to make your cards! And these are the 2 cards we're going to make first : )

In addition to the card mats you've just printed and cut to make both cards you will need ...
2 x A6 White Card Bases
Large Butterfly
Adhesive and 3D Dimensional Adhesive Pads
Pinking Shears
Hole Punch
Natural Button Twine
Small Sequins and Crystals


1. Punch a small hole at the top of your printed card mat, in the centre. Thread your Kraft Twine through ...

2. … and tie it into a bow. Trim along the very bottom edge with Pinking Shears. You should cut off no more than 1/2cm. You want your finished mat to be approx 12.5cm in length.

3. Applying your adhesive to the top edge only, stick your mat to the card base ...

4. … and embellish with a selection of sequins to finish.


1. Trim along the very bottom edge with Pinking Shears. You should cut off no more than 1/2cm. You want your finished mat to be approx 12.5cm in length.

2. Applying your adhesive to the top edge only, stick your mat to the card base, pressing it down firmly.

3. Create the antennae by wrapping a length of Button twine around the butterfly ...

4. … tie it into a knot, and trim it to size.

5. Apply 3d adhesive foam pads to the reverse side of the butterfly ...

6. … turn it around and fasten it securely to the front of your card.

7. Decorate it with a selection of small sequins to finish.

And there you have it … your first two cards are done!

Pretty, aren't they?
We'll create 2 more next week : )

Card Credits
Patterned Papers: 'Strawberry Blooms' Pattern Paper Pack
Sentiments: 'Thank You' Sentiments
Adhesives: 'Stick-It Permanent Adhesive Roller. By DoCrafts. Quickie Glue Pen and 3D Adhesive Foam Pads
Hole Punch: Crop-A-Dile by WRMK
Butterfly Die: Delia Butterfly by Memory Box
Pinking Shears, Kraft Button Twine and a selection of small sequins.

16 comments on One Sheet Wonder 'Thank You' Cards - Part One

  1. Love your One Sheet Wonders! Is the template available?

    1. The template is included in the post Jayne. An image that shows the cutting lines? I hope you can see it!

  2. Lovely cards Liz ... I'm loving this new paper set as much as all the others I have collected over the years

  3. WONDERFUL tutorial, love these new papers too. Thank you

  4. Thanks so much Liz! Your site was my favorite when I started making cards 5 years ago, and it still is!
    Would this work with there sentiments of yours?

    1. Thank you Vicki.
      These are the sentiments I've used …

  5. Hi Liz,
    thank you so much for this tutorial - I will definitely give it a go.
    Great inspiration.

    1. I'm happy you liked it Eve. Thank you : )

  6. This is great, thanks very much - a great way to get me motivated. I often sit trying to think of what to do with my little scraps :)

    Gill x

  7. I am loving these new papers Liz, great watercoloured look, hope you do more now ! Would love a blue set. Thanks for the tutorial also, why didn't it occur to me to print your sentiments straight onto the patterned paper !! :) Viv xx

  8. Love these new fresh papers - you can almost smell them!! Lots of lovely inspiration, especially from the tutorial. Like the other Viv I would love a blue set!!