One Sheet Wonder 'Thank You' Cards - Part Two {and New Papers Too!}

One of the problems with working for yourself, and by yourself, is that if you fall ill and can't work there's no-one else to stand in and keep things moving. So everything just stops.

That's what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. And it's the reason I haven't been posting as I had hoped recently.
And I'm ever so sorry.

I have been working really hard trying to catch up since I returned to work towards the end of last week. And I have managed to put a new Collection of Watercolour Papers in the Boutique : ) They're called 'Pink Grapefruit'. They're very summery, and very pretty and if you'd like to see them, you can find the *here*.

I'll be telling you a little more about them and sharing some ideas for pretty things you can make with them next : )

But first, I wanted to pick up where I had left off and share the next two cards from the 'Strawberry Blooms' One Sheet Wonder, which we started in my last post.

So, here are the next two cards : )

First, a reminder how we printed and cut our paper ...

1. Choose a patterned paper and print it onto a sheet of White Card.
I've used hand cut card bases, cut from 300gsm smooth White Card for my cards. And I've printed my paper design onto it too. And I've chosen the 'Pretty Triangulaire' from 'Strawberry Blooms' for my design.
2. Layer your printing by popping it back into the printer and printing the sheet of sentiments from 'Thank You' Sentiments over the top of it.

You should now have a sheet of card that looks something like the one in the image below, without the cutting lines : )

Following the cutting lines in the image above, we're going to cut the horizontal line first, and then the vertical. Like this ...
1. Cut your card from top to bottom, straight down the middle. This will give you two lengths, each A6 size wide, 10.5cm. The same width as your card bases.
2. Taking the first side {the one with the copyright notice at the bottom}, cut off the copyright notice. as close as you can to the print.
3. Then, from the bottom of the remainder, cut at 12.5cm from the bottom edge. And at 13cm from the top edge.
4. Taking the remaining side, cut at 9.5cm from the bottom edge. And again at 7cm down from the top edge.

Discarding the piece with the copyright notice on, you should now have the 6 pieces you will use to make your cards.

And here are the next two cards we're going to make ...

… a pretty Pennant Card and one with a moving, swing sentiment.


A card with movement … the sentiment tag swings!

1. Cut a mat from patterned card the same width as your card base, A6, and 13cm in length.

2. Taking your cut out sentiment, align your sentiment in the middle by trimming approx 1cm from the right-hand edge. And cut out your butterfly.

3. Lay your sentiment over the top of your card mat, and without sticking it down, line it up centrally and punch a small hole through both layers, in the middle, at the top. Thread through a length of Button Twine ...

4. … tie it into a bow and trim the ends. This can be a little tricky! See the note below : )

5. The sentiment on this card is meant to have movement. It should swing as you pick up the finished card. You are aiming to tie your twine tight enough so the sentiment stays in place when the card is standing. But loose enough so that it swings slightly when you pick it up.

6. Using dimensional sticky pads, stick the mat to the centre of your card base ...

7. … and embellish with a selection of sequins to finish.

A pretty pennant card.

1. Cut out some small triangular-shaped pennants from patterned card or paper. They need to be approx. 2cm wide at the top. And about 4-4.5cm in length.

2. Applying adhesive to the top edge only, stick them to your sentiment layer.

3. Wrap a length of button twine twice around your card ...

4. … tie it into a bow and trim the ends.

5. Trim along the very bottom edge with Pinking Shears. You should cut off no more than 1/2cm. You want your finished mat to be between 12.5cm and 13cm in length.

6. Apply 3d adhesive foam pads to the reverse side ...

7. … turn it around and fasten it securely, and centrally, to the front of your card.

8. Decorate it with a selection of small sequins to finish.

And there you have it … two more cards!

Pretty, aren't they?
We'll create the final 2 cards next week : )

Card Credits
Patterned Papers: 'Strawberry Blooms' Pattern Paper Pack
Sentiments: 'Thank You' Sentiments
Adhesives: 'Stick-It Permanent Adhesive Roller. By DoCrafts. Quickie Glue Pen and 3D Adhesive Foam Pads
Hole Punch: Crop-A-Dile by WRMK
Butterfly Die: Isabella Butterfly by Memory Box
Pinking Shears, Kraft Button Twine and a selection of small sequins.

7 comments on One Sheet Wonder 'Thank You' Cards - Part Two {and New Papers Too!}

  1. These are just lovely! I'm a rubber stamper card maker and since seeing your work I've added sequins to my supplies. Sequins have been popular on the internet but I haven't seen any as pretty as your use/application of them and didn't even consider using them.

  2. Oh Liz, love love love!!!!!!!! gorgeous papers and thanks for the tut!!!!, i can't resist lol

  3. Two really pretty cards - thanks so much for the tutorial and I hope you are feeling better now.

  4. Hi Liz, I am so sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I do hope that you are now on the mend. I have only just looked at your e mail and haven't had time to study thetutorials but on first glance, they look so lovely and such pretty colours. You have a very good eye for putting colours together. Loving the new papers. Us crafters will always be patient and you just get better and don't go overdoing it Best Wishes. Maddie

  5. Pleased that you are feeling better. Great instructions, fab cards.

  6. Love these one sheet wonders!
    This way my husband can't complain I'm using all his printer ink ;0))

  7. Hope you are feeling better by now.

    Love the papers, another not to be missed collection. Thank you