Dates For Your Diary ~ Part Two

This is a Pink Petticoat Paper Pack : )

It isn't a Pink Petticoat digital paper pack. It's a real, touch-me, stroke-me, ooooooo-I've-bought-them-but-I-can't-bring-myself-to-actually-USE-them type of Paper Pack.

And it's very, very special : )
Because it's gorgeous.
It's the first Pink Petticoat Paper Pack ever!
And its the first free gift Pink Petticoat has ever given away with a card making magazine.

This very special pack of papers, is your FREE GIFT with next month's Quick Cards Made Easy magazine, Issue 84, which goes on sale on the 1st February.

These designs will never be available as a Paper Pack anywhere else - ever. They are exclusive to Quick Cards Made Easy. And getting hold of a copy of the magazine will be your only chance to get them.

Make sure you get your order for yours to your Newsagent. You WILL want one : )

Excited? Me too : )

14 comments on Dates For Your Diary ~ Part Two

  1. oooohh, I know what you mean Liz and yes, they do look extremely 'strokable' papers!!!

  2. Oooooo!! Must have these, Liz. Even though I have the downloads. I NEED these to add to my 'Look and Stroke' collection. AND, when the readers see these, they won't want to use them either. They'll want/need the downloads, (If you get my drift). xx

  3. Hmm - might just have them for 'best' - as in NEVER cut into them - haha Anj x

  4. OMG! How amazing!
    I will definitely be getting me some of those :)

  5. Oh how exciting Liz, I have put a reminder in my phone to buy it, hope I can find it!

  6. ohooo I'm booking my copy right now!!

  7. Got my copy on order - so looking forward to it. Trixie x

  8. They are really beautiful Liz!!!!!

  9. Gorgeous, can't wait to see them in "the flesh". Great job Liz. Hugs, Denise x

  10. I wish I can order it - it's fantastic!

  11. Liz I have just received my subscribers issue of QCME and I LOVELOVELOVE your little stack of papers! I have hidden them safely away from my son (who is a 3 yr old crafter in the making) and have lots of ideas swimming around in my head for a session tonight once he's in bed.

    Thank you for all the hard work you do- it is my new years resolution to buy more of your products as opposed to just salivating over your beautiful designs and the girls samples :)